Monday, 5 October 2020

Indigegogo / Amazfit X

Request for help & support on the Indiegogo site today :

" Hi,

I wonder if you are aware of the continuing issues with the Amazfit X campaign?

Clearly we are aware there are risks with any campaign but a campaign being run by an industry leader in a given sector which only offers a manufacturing change not a technological step up looks to all intents an purposes to be customers funding a new product rather than the manufacturer taking any risks.

So I've taken the risk and backed the campaign and now we have problems. 

I don't think that the problems are insurmountable, it looks to me that the vast majority are likely to fall into two camps, firstly problems with delivery (which I personally have not suffered, indeed I received my product a week before I was told it was out for delivery :-)) and secondly is software, from which I can only hope my problems are a result of (my key issues is the GPS for workouts does not work 80% of the time and when it does it is exceptionally poor in direct comparison with a product that cost around 20% of the campaign price).

I probably am not stating anything of concern for yourselves at this point and what I wanted to do was raise the issue because the campaign is getting significant negativity and I don't imagine that if the process cannot be trusted for an industry leader on an industry leading start up site that will encourage people to get involved. I've already seen one public article and seen various forums with a growing degree of concern.

For balance, it is not all negative because some people are happy and are having a good experience but I might suggest that is more concerning and one comment has suggested the manufacturing facilities are having quality issues producing variable output, which might explain the issues.

Whilst I am sure that will be "real issues" eg personally I am concerned that the GPS is just plain broken on my device and I am sure some shipping issues can occur, I do not believe that the problems generally cannot be resolved and I think the key issue here is that Huami are not communicating very well and providing what appears to be an honest and realistic statement. They have admitted that their support is overwhelmed but to have a clue as to when action will be taken would be very desirable. In addition given the poor experience I know there are contributors who are asking for a refund and getting a flat no (which is a shame as Huami's warranty policy is pretty clear, they will refund, replace or repair not just say "no") and already people are contacting their credit card providers seeking refunds (the product supplied I have in my hand, not on my wrist notably, does not meet the battery life claim and is currently barely over 50% of expected and given the GPS situation is simply not fit for the purposes it has been described).

It would be much appreciated if you would be able to make contact with Huami to see if they can be encouraged to be more forthcoming, personally I am at my wits end with this having spent good money and 3 weeks after delivery have only experienced worsening battery life following firmware updates but no visible improvements in function.


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