Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Cyberpower PC

Since day 1 I have had problems with my Cyberpower PC starting with them having damaged the M2 card and plugged it in the wrong slot to problems configuring the fans. On that note, about 2 months ago I resolved high CPU during file copies, that turned out to be "USB Boost" on the MSI Centre software, turning the option off has led to no loss of performance but file copies now take single digit CPU % not 100%, and there was me thinking Microsoft had a problem on Windows 11, silly me. Then I gave up trying to configure the fan curves in the MSI Centre because an update caused the settings to be randomly ignored but over the last few weeks normal operating temperatures have been 80c+ and the last couple of days 90-95c. It's an AMD 5900x and we know AMD processors can run hot but not continually 90c when the CPU is low (less than 20%) and the fans running all out. Today I tried to mount another case fan I had retrieved from my old PC to vent more heat but it won't fit in the new case.....but I did try tightening the screws on the pump body fitted onto the CPU. Oh boy, that would explain so many things.......Cyberpower it is normal to do those thumbscrews up, not sure how tight is too tight but my initial thoughts were that they werent gripping because I had several full rotations before any resistance was even felt. Machine now running around 70c which seems much more normal.

Saturday, 20 August 2022

Our Image Nation

Our Image Nation is running a competition to win a framed print or canvas of your choice, take a look and if you would like one of my pictures on your wall you could win one for free. Check out my portfolio and leave a comment on your favoruites if yu like : See below for details of how to enter the competition. Good luck and thank you for your support