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Saturday, 30 May 2020

World of Tanks, not world aware

Military Appreciation month they called it.

Runs until 30th May they said.

I battled through thick an thin to receive the awards and even logged in early on the 30th May to complete the final battle I needed.

But no, despite being 06:47 in the morning and the "month" running only until the 30th May instead of the 31st like May traditionally does the event had ended.

One more battle needed, one more and it's gone.

Raised a support call, which is a bit of trial in the first place.

A terse answer.

The site says 30th May, the details in the game say to 30th May but apparently on a web page on the WOT site that there is no need to ever go to the end time is 7am CEST.

That means for the UK, Military Appreciation Month ended 1 day and 19 hours before the end of the month, that sounds like 6% less appreciation of the military than it should have to me, shame on you World of Tanks for dissing the military.