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Friday, 3 April 2020

Web cam woes

Today has been a challenge, once again my dear son is having problem with audio on his PC. We seem to go around this loop on a regular basis.

Part of the problem is that if you are running a full screen application then Windows helpfully hides messages in the status window thing, so when it is asking for confirmation of an action take you dont know.

Having cracked that it turns out there are any number of games that teenagers play (CS:Go and Evolved being today's problem children) that adopt audio settings on startup, so deciding it is time to put headphones on half way through the game just causes my temperature to rise.

Lastly, we purchased a new Microsoft HD Lifecam 3000, it's a lovelly device which he got because my old webcam produced buzzing noises, his old (really old to be fair) web cam did and we just could not solve it. 6 months on and apparently his perfectly good lifecam also does so.

The internet is useless, plenty of "mess with your drivers" advice, hey google have you tried multiple reboots using a teenager's account where you need them to enter their password but keep out of your hair while you tinker, it gets complicated and shouty.

So turns out my webcam works fine now on his machine but the new lifecam buzzes like crazy on mine too.

Is it busted? Do I take the advice of someone online that says "remove a solenoid", really which planet did that come from?

Finally after 3 hours, 2 PCs, lots of unwired desks I've cracked it. Firstly the microphone on his headset (I forgot to mention that challenge was lobbed in as was) is dead, perhaps due to the robotic hoover eating the wire most mornings because said teeanger keeps leaving them on the floor. And the lifecam - it works perfectly if you go into the old style Control Panel >> Sounds >> recording and change the quality from the default of "CD" up to "DVD".

and then batter any bit of software that randomly changes it back! Grr.

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