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Monday, 23 March 2020

Government in touch with the people. Not!

Today I am seeing calls from Dominc Raab, the Foreign Secretary, for individuals abroad to return home due to the coronavirus situation.

It's interesting because my parents have been attempting to return home for over a week since their expected flights were cancelled without notice and having, it seems, got a flight arranged, it seems likely that when they reach the UK their onward travel options are problematic at best, especially since the restrictions just put in place by the Prime Minister mean I cannot go to get them.

I have responded in a tweet to Mr Raab, , but it is amusing to see just how many other people are commenting "oh yes and how are you planning to get them back".

It seems that we have a crisis on our hands, and it isn't easy admittedly but it is a monumental failure of government to lead with panicky noises and no constructive contribution.

I am sure this will be a historic event, I've already taken my photo of empty shelves in the UK, something I haven't seen here  in my lifetime, but thinking of historic events I suspect Mr Raab has shouted "man the lifeboats" without perhaps realising he forgot to arrange any.

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