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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Wivelsfield Big Bang

We attended the Wivelsfield Bonfire Society fireworks, Wivelsfield Big Bang at the school last Friday for the movie themed event.

Tickets were sold out and circa 900 people in attendance with a good vibe as mostly locals and a strong support for / from nursery and primary aged children as an ideal fireworks evening for them (safe, easy to park, no long walks or muddy paths and lots of light up things to buy and run around the playground with).

This was a good opportunity to take some photos using the Olympus E-M10 Mk11. Kitted out with plenty of batteries and memory cards and the 14-42 mm pancake lens as my widest angle lens I fired up Live Comp mode, dialled in half a second, iso 200 and F5.6, plugged in my trusty ebay cable release, found a spot for my tripod and went to town.

For this post I will include the pictures of kids running around (it was dark, I assume they were kids, there might have been adults too) with led lights.

At the start there was a pleasant sunset for the background.

But it didn't take long for darkness to full descend.

Not that dark put any dampner on the running around going on, everyone was in high spirits.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, if you want to know more please post a comment.

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