Tuesday, 26 October 2021


I had confirmation that one of my photos has been accepted for licensing on 500px today. 

That's interesting because I removed all of my photos from their licensing because they could not (would not?) at the time explain how the income achieved was calculated given the last photo I sold gave me something < 1% of the advertised price on the only source that the photos were selling on at the time.

Actually they've added another sales source that I suspect is bulk and hence the earning may be understandable but who agreed to use that route too?

Indeed there is now an explanation of how the commissions work and they are still a fraction of what other sites claim to pay (it's not like I'm making any money from selling photos) because the original vendor takes 50% followed by 500px then taking its cut so it's a percentage of a percentage but at least documented now.

Anyway, I have removed said photo from licensing on 500px as I won't license via them again and I find it amusing to note I submitted the photo for licensing 24th March 2019, it's taken over 2.5 years to approve so not like they are a responsive organisation.

Alamy do have a reputation for being slow on approvals particularly for rank amateurs like myself but 2.5 years with 500px is ridiculous, clearly not looking for me as a customer.