Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Can Stock Photo...made me giggle

It seems that 6 weeks ago I applied to Can Stock Photo (no link, why would I?) along with a number of other agencies, Getty, Adobe etc. I had honestly forgotten about their guys so was quite surprised to receive this message :
Yes a stock photo site managed to send an email with a broken logo. They require a photo ID? Indeed they do, every site appears to need a copy of a passport and if it was part of the application process then it was included, if it wasn't part of the application process I didn't include it. The question is, do I want to wait a week to apply again to Can Stock Photo when they send broken emails, clearly have a flawed application process and don't communicate for 6 weeks when all the other applications were done and dusted in a matter of days. Let me see now. No, this level of unprofessionalism isn't worth my time, but it is funny.