Sunday, 18 July 2021


I upgraded to the Clickasnap Pro account the other day, I was curious to see what difference it makes because I have been observing other accounts and it seems that some accounts get inordinate numbers of hits compared to the number of pictures displayed and in some cases the quality.

It seems to me that either lots of people are much better at driving traffic to their Clickasnap site, which would be no surprise as I'm clearly not finding the way yet, or that Pro feature of a front page display makes a significant difference. Failing that I wonder if it's dead easy to find a script to fudge the system which seems more plausible. 

Today I added this blog onto the RSS feeds option on clickasnap so I am interested to see if it makes any difference to the content as cross sharing content is of value but I seriously doubt anyone actually looks at feed content.

1 comment:

  1. So far it seems that the RSS Feed doesn't update and create any content on the Clickasnap site which is a shame, will have to review tomorrow to see if it's a timing issue.