Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Response from Indiegogo and my response 7/10/20

 Thanks for writing in, and I’m sorry for the frustrating experience.

Indiegogo is not able to guarantee that perks will be delivered or deemed satisfactory. The nature of crowdfunding is such that campaigns on Indiegogo are raising funds for work-in-progress projects, ideas, or causes. Backing a campaign and claiming a perk on Indiegogo is not the same as buying something online. Because projects may still be in their early stages, many things can happen between the time the project is raising funds and the expected project release date. While your contribution brings the campaign idea closer to becoming reality, there's always the chance that a project may end up falling through, and the campaigner may not be able to offer their backers the perks they'd originally promised.

With that being said, campaigners are still held by our Terms of Use to fulfill perks. If for any reason they're unable to offer you the perk you claimed, campaigners are obligated to reach out to their contributors and work out a mutually satisfactory resolution- this resolution could be an alternative perk, a promise to issue the promised perk at a later date if the campaign owner is able to raise additional funds, or a refund. Indiegogo cannot moderate these discussions and any resolution would occur directly between the campaigner and backer. We always recommend opening up a conversation with the campaigner if you have any question about what will happen to your contribution if the campaigner is unable to raise the funds they need to complete their project.

Perks are offers made and managed solely by campaigners. Indiegogo does not guarantee that campaigns will succeed or that perks will be delivered. To help facilitate communication, here is the campaigner’s contact information:

Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch: Bow to the Future
Campaign Owner's Name: XIAOSHUANG ZHONG
Campaign Owner's Email:

Thank you for your understanding.


Trust and User Operations


Thank you for the response Donnie,

The current situation is that I among many other people have been in contact with Huami and are being met by silence or equivalent "your call is important to us" kind of responses and as per your own guidance on the website before contacting yourselves that has been attempted via the email address you have provided on more than one occasion with a lack of forward progress, I have been provided 2 different support routes and as you will see the campaign similar for other people. Unfortunately your statements above only fit what has been happening for the last 3 weeks for myself.

I am interested in your second paragraph, I would very much like the campaign owner to try to work out a resolution, a working product and some guidance as to when that will be would be perfect but we customers seem entirely unable to get the business to engage in a meaningful manner and this is why I have written to you because a useful, positive response from the vendor which they then make at least some attempt to adhere to would be very nice at the moment because at present they are a mixed bag of successes, complete failure to deliver or delivering not working product and not presenting a forward path.

Any assistance to encourage meeting the terms of service would be greatly appreciated.

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