Thursday, 24 September 2020

Huami Amazfit X : 1 week on

It is difficult to remember how things used to be, back in the dark ages, before the internet and before online support capabilities. 

Welcome Huami Amazfit. 

It took 5 elapsed days to get a response from Amazfit, indeed, 1 response direct from feedback from the Zepp app which has led to two support sites (one where the request I raised appears to be a ticket and another where I can raise tickets but they are not the same thing), and another via Indiegogo which is entirely separate but only results in an "email us" function which I already know is unresponsive. 

3 days on from getting a response I am now sitting awaiting developers, I have tracked enough data it seems that they can work but I am desperately hoping for any useful response, even an indication that something might get done.

I have found that the support site has an RMA returns option so that might happen soon - 8 days so far and feeling very unsupported. 

The campaign comments roll on, I finally have a tracking number for the device delivered a week earlier but quite a number of people are still waiting any information at all, meanwhile it seems some people have fully working devices but a decent number have the same GPS issue and there is a great degree of dissatisfaction. 

The Huami staff are finally posting a small amount on the comments but fundamentally saying "please stop our support is overwhelmed" and no wonder.

I am quite surprised that Indiegogo isn't involved yet because having a major technology manufacturer making a mess of a product on their watch must be a concern for the reputation of their service provision especially with the public relations mess the Amazfit is creating for itself. 

Closed Issues : 
- Amazfit X : Auto detection of activities - it seems that 10 minutes is a normal time to wake up and start collecting data but two hours of cycling isn't detected... just doesnt work but there is an on / off selection on the watch. 

What is still an issue : 
- Amazfit X : GPS does not work, sometimes it gets a lock when not being worn but cannot maintain it (2 open tickets, #252878 and #2977, raised on the campaign and via Zepp Feedback) - this is the one that matters, the rest would make the device better, this would make the device worth wearing (worth paying for, oh hang on I already did that).
- Amazfit X : Whatps app messages get batched up to a summary count far too quickly (raised via Zepp Feedback) 
- Amazfit X : The schedule function is manual entry and does not sync with google calendary (outlook etc) (raised via Zepp Feebdack and Ticket #253401) 
- Amafix X / Zepp : workouts generate random data - 1 walk of 194 steps showed as a slow walk and 4 calories burned, the other 7,800 steps in the day burned the other 5 calories I used, seems a little off to me. (raised via Zep feedback) 
- Amazfit X : Regular SP02 sample not just manual (ia feebdack)
- Amafixfix : Where to view GPS plotted route on the watch (was suggested as available by support on ticket #252878 although I wonder if they mean "can you see the GPS lock working") 
- Zepp : how do I export my data (raised via the campaign, Zepp feedback and a ticket, #253403) 
- Zepp : how can I configure the app to remove the adverts from the main screen (raised via Zepp feedback) 
- Zepp : how can I configure the app to hide all the features that are not relevant to my device (raised via Zepp feedback) 
- Zepp : the sleep tracking on the watch is poor, would be good to integrate with Sleep As Android

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