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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Roadworks again

Once again we have reached Summer holidays so it is time to dig up major thoroughfares making journeys to work worse than normal. As has been the habit for the last few years the A272, Goldbridge Road just outside of Newick is being dug up. Really if a road has to be dug up then have people working on it, even better, if it is a repeating event then ensure services are accessible without digging the road up.

Today I posted on :
"I would love to know why once again in the school holidays this road is being dug up resulting in significantly extended journey times. Is it really necessary to dig the road up so frequently? Surely in this day and age it is possible to make sure services are accessible without roadworks especially where repetitive works are necessary.

Perhaps an alternative would be to ensure someone is working to minimise the period of disruption on a major route with no practical alternative, I don't think anyone has made any effort to understand the impact on business and families and there was no activity when I drove through during office hours today."

I am sure I will get a trite answer to case number: 00269054 but perhaps if everyone makes the effort to complain it might make progress.

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