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Tuesday, 2 January 2018


I have to say it's been a while now, in fact 11 days since I was expecting Adobe to ring me back so their service is still exactly at the level expected.

In other news I have just created a 2018 Lightroom catalog which means reconfiguring the Published Services I use. There are plenty of people out there that suggest only ever having one catalog but I find the product gets so slow with even a thousand photos that is a non starter for me.

This year I have again experienced problems getting the 500px Lightroom plug-in working but that isn't a massive surprise because the plug-in page on is missing and another page says it is unsupported now. No indication of why but plenty of complaints are out there.

However, my existing plug-in does go through the motions and when I select "Authorize" on 500px it comes up with a failure page, not surprising given the above, however, simply copying the code at the end of the url into the box in Lightroom still works perfectly.