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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Brazil, day 8, Iguacu and Argentina, Wednesday 5th April

The day started well inspite of the forecast but soon caught up with expectations and I was clearly mistaken yesterday as what qualifies as tropical rain, today we had tropical rain and later lightning.

The Iguacu falls are stunning right from the first glimpse of the very first part of the falls and the volume of rain over the last few days ensured the falls are at their peak flow with the sound of rushing water drowning up everything except the rain itself.
Iguazu Falls
Visibility was much reduced and most of the photos were taken with the camera wrapped in a carrier bag pointed roughly in the right direction because my glasses were obscured. The good news is that the trials of taking the photos is not immediately apparent on the final results.

Iguazu Falls
Everything got soaked, a genuine soaked to the skin, squelching shoes, rather damp cameras, Alex has never been this wet outside of swimming,
even the Coati were hiding under the same shelter as the visitors.

Even in the tropics that warm water soon turns chill resulting in a wet and pretty miserable journey back to the visitor's centre.

As luck would have it we managed to get a taxi into Puerto Iguacu over in Argentina, in time for siesta time so almost no one about. We visited a local supermarket where there was a lack of produce on the shelves, very much reminding me of my trip into East Berlin more than 30 years ago and the state of the buildings and roads suggests that this area of Argentina has not managed to capitalise on the natural bounty on its doorstep. Still, whilst it was cold we stopped for an ice cream and then a coach ride back to Brazil to dry off.
Argentinian pavement
It is shame that the weather meant visiting the Argentinian side of the falls was off the agenda but there are practical limits and we had reached them but that said the falls were awesome in their power.