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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Brazil, day 17, Rio, 16th April

Fabulous sunny start to the day starting with a short walk along the cooling,  tree lined avenue to Urca
Avenue to Urca
where we picked up the cable car to head up to Sugarloaf Mountain
View up Urca
with its great views across the city of Rio de Janeiro
View from Urca
and across to Niteroi and surrounding cities.

Very hot on the journey down and a madcap bus ride, 581, to Corcovado, I think on one corner we were only on three wheels,  for the funicular train up to Christ the Redeemer. Just our luck he was shrouded in clouds which meant more people at the top hoping to catch a fleeting glimpse of the views.
Christ the Redeemer
Returning on another exceptional bus ride, this one with a grumpy driver and apparently zero rear suspension, smashing through every pothole raising cheers from those on board.

Time for a splash in the rough waves before dinner and clag at a local paderia with time on our return for Alex to test out the gym in the hotel.