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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Brazil, day 14, turtles at Project Tamar, Tuesday 11th April

The rain feature is here to stay it seems
Rain Again
which meant a late start and an opportunity to try the remote trigger on my camera to take pictures of the ground canaries and little doves
Birds feeding
Once the weather stopped weathering sufficiently we went to take a look at Praia de Mozambique which was incredibly exposed and windy,
Praia de Mozambique
followed by seeing the turtles at Project Tamar which was an interesting experience for Alex.
Turtle at Project Tamar
and onto Barra de Lagoa where it was very chilly and windy but still busy and our first encounter with beach sellers pretty much setting up in the water.
Barra de Lagoa
For our evening meal we drove back into the outskirts of Florianopolis to a churrascaria for another excellent meat fest.