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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Brazil, day 10, Friday 7th April

Good plan for day, a slow start and then off to Ponta do Caetano for what Google maps suggested is a twenty minute walk to Praia de Naufragados.
View of the mainland from Florianopolis
The ensuing walk through the rain forest,
In the rain forest
seeing monkeys,
Wild Monkey
birds, insects,
Red Spider
streams, lots of green
Spiky Tree
and the deep red clay where the topsoil had been washed away was an amazing, hot, sweaty 2 hour walk before reaching a deserted beach.
In the rain forest
At the beach horses wandered around on the sand while we gathered our courage for a swim in the frigid South Atlantic. Using the danger of a passing jellyfish (it must has been at least 4 cm across) as an excuse we took our sandy bodies for the walk back.

Back at the car park welcome cold drinks and a chat with the lady who had created a car park just so she could chat to people.
Fabulous trip but a bit more ambitious than we had expected.
home made chicken pie and a large glass of vino for dinner.
Chicken Pie