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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

HP printers

I've had a number of Hewlett Packard printers, when I purchased the most recent an HP Photosmart D5460 it was the best print quality available for under £200.

Why is it that they have some enormous, complex, unreliable drivers.

It's connected by USB - when connected to the PC it works 95% of the time whilst on the laptop it works 10% of the time and I usually give up. Both operating systems are Windows 7 both work fine - it's only the printer that plays up.

I've now discovered a fix that seems to have worked successfully to date - so, when I turn the printer on the PC brings up the message "USB Device Not Recognized" and it rebooting doesn't change the situation.

What I've found is that deleting "USB Composite Devices" from Device manager solves the problem.