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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Camera RAW & HDR

My camera, a Panasonic TZ5 cannot produce RAW format images & that seems to be a loss given all the nice features such as the ability to change exposure (EV) in the raw editors (in my instance Photoshop CS3 Camera Raw). Imagine my surprise to discover that using "Open As" instead of "Open" one can then select "Camera Raw" as the file type & select a JPG or TIF files and get the raw editor on screen.

So, I've been tinkering & have taken a macro shot of a daisy taken as the sun went down yesterday :

and produced firstly this from just the raw tool :
unfortunately it seems to lose a lot of brightness during the lossy save / upload process and then using the Raw tools to change the exposure I created 3 files of -4,0 & +4 EV and ran it through Photomatix

I know they're not great pictures but this discovery means a much greater scope for control of a picture and HDR is now possible, I'm even more encouraged having found an article comparing HDR pictures produced using RAW pictures vs images produced using files generated using the camera raw editor.

There's some work to be done - I need to start with a great picture first....