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Monday, 1 February 2010

HTPC Update

Well the HTPC is running nicely & the album view for Music selection is great - even Alex (4 years old) understands the interface. Still having a few problems using the texting style input (the key with * on it only choose * not the other characters).

I rather like the feature of being able to shuffle all my music (around 20,000 tracks) and play through photos at the same time. Isn't remarkable how many photos I took sideways?

One flaw has been spotted with MCE though and that is that the scheduled time does not automatically adjust when the programme moves - I guess that it's just a simple entry "record at this time & use this text to describe it" as opposed to our Freeview PVR box (Humax 9200) which seems to use the programme name (and then records every repeat on every channel which is annoying but at least not as disasterous as missing the programme entirely).