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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Grand Tour

Well, mum & dad are off to Australia for 6 months now, crikey they'd not even left the country before phoning! It is the grand tour, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand & Thailand.

Alex is hugely impressed with the enormous Australia map they have given us - he has not quite got the hang of the idea of the scale difference between that one and the little world map he has so he won't have it that Australia is both that big blob on one sheet and that little blob on the other but he will get the hang of it once we start sticking things onto it to show progress.

Even better - they have left and the fridge is actually empty and perishables are gone and inspite of the horrid rain all day Tuesday even had time to clean the pond pump! Now I've redirected the flow back into the middle of the pond even the fish are happy. Boy, we now have 6 jars of mustard (open) and a lifetime supply of marmite to deal with. Such is life.