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Friday, 14 August 2009

SQL Server 2005 BIDS Installation Problem

Here’s a new one – I’ve just installed SQL Server 2005 and selected everything including client tools and Business Intelligence and the install completes perfectly only to find that BIDS is not installed, it is missing, no trace of devenv.exe or related components on disk.


After several attempts via Google I finally found an answer that works here, it seems from MSDN that lots of people have the problem so I’ll repeat the answer :


Goto the installation CDs, find disk 2 and in \setup run firstly vs_Setup.exe – you’ll get absolutely no notification that anything is happening for what seems like an age and then it will be finished. Then run from the same location sqlrun_tools.msi and select the components you want – in my instance they were shown as missing by it seems that is not always the case so just go and reselect everything you want and run the install.


Job done.


Another MS feature to make my life painful.