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Saturday, 6 May 2000

Our Wedding Reception

Dinner went well, luckily there was something I would like on the menu - I guess that's one advantage of it being your own wedding; I even managed to resist thirds of the starter.
rear of wedding dress
Then came the speeches. Keith got the shock of his life as the MC got him mixed up with Bob and asked him if he was ready to do his speech, poor man almost had a heart attack. No, I don't know how the MC could fail to connect Keith & I.

Once that slight hiccup was sorted the speeches went well, Bob remembering my negotiations for a dowry and Paul not crucifying me, in fact being complimentary, another surprise for the day.
reception photo
As tradition demands my mother materialised some long lost, childhood memory. 'Sniffy', a blanket I would go nowhere without and Wendy had saved a square for all these years. Equally traditionally I remember none of that episode.

My speech went without nerves although I nearly forgot to give the bouquets to the mums and my ushers had forgotten to prepare themselves too so I had to bolt a bit on the end and waffle a bit; it was lucky I had asked the ushers to help because the bouquets were enormous.
reception photo
Tip for future speeches, leave out as much as possible and say the absolute minimum people will be happy with, you'll forget less that way (professionals will charge you for that lesson).

One table was actively betting on how long the speeches would last, I don't recall the eventual winner there (it wasn't me).

The rest of the evening went well although it was a bit of a blur, talking to people I both did and didn't recognise, trying to talk to people I ought to say hello to and trying to get a drink.....Barny, yes, every time I finally got a drink Barny would take it away from me and push me towards the dance floor.
reception photo
I finally got a whole pint of Harvey's but it was the last pint in the barrel and the barman did say it would be rather lumpy but I needed it. He was right so some other kind soul drank it for me.

We did do a first dance (almost forgot to mention that bit), it was ... well, it was a Van Morrison track and I did recognise it. Lee the DJ was up to his usual standards and had chosen something for us which other people would dance to and predictably he was correct.
reception photo
Darren and his band did a great set and I think that for the first time ever Malc was actually there when they started.

The cake was fantastic (I lived off the remains of the bottom layer for a week when we came back from honeymoon).

Everyone seemed to have a good time (Paul and Miriam continued having a good time until about 4 am with a hen party which turned up late that evening).
being an accountant does this to you
Lorna and I hardly had a chance to speak to each other all day and didn't sit down for most of the evening. Lorna's bouquet wasn't thrown and has been sent for drying (which I thought happening naturally given time).

Lots of people stayed at Paul's house the night before - he was with me remember. Unfortunately, his kitchen ceiling collapsed so I had the job of reporting the good news. The redecorated room looks good Paul.

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