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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Brazil, day 3, Friday, March 31st

More exploring today so off past Lagoa da Conceicao and then onto Dinas de Joaquina for "ski bunda" where Alex is able to use a snow board on the roasting hot sand dunes.
Ski Bunda
Was also had our first encounter with someone wanting protection money to park the car in the street - unfortunately the car has not yet reached classic status.

A short drive further on brough us to Praia Joaquina and onto the rocks ag Ponta do Retiro.
Praia Joaquina
Later....lunch in the town of Lagoa da Conceicao is cheeseballs, Pao de queijo, which demonstrates the Auntie Ale's are the best.

after lunch we visited the viewpoints at Mirante do Morro de Lagoa Conceicao for the views across the double lake
Lagoa da Conceicao
and then up to the top of the hill, Morro da Cruz, looking out across Florianopolis city and onto the main land.
Back at home the waether is ideal for a BBQ accompanied by passion fruit cocktail (alcoholic) and peanut cocktail (alcoholic very). Perhaps the first time I discovered that my ability to play cards may be negatively impacted by alcohol.