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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Lightroom, draining the light from my soul

A new update of Lightroom from Adobe. hurrah, lots of new features, there's the Reference View and performance enhancements according to one site.

Adobe's "What's New" shows Reference View.

Great get downloading.

Can I find the Reference View? Certainly have not found any performance improvements within Lightroom yet.

Lots of websites heralding the arrival of "Reference View" ... it hasn't arrived on my copy...finally an Adobe page that announces it's not on your version only on the pay monthly version, pure coincidence that I found that particular page.

So once again Adobe are releasing features in a product priced for heavy users / professionals but forgetting your basic home user which is a real shame.

Features in Lightroom that I know about that I would like to see come to my desktop so far :

  • Dehaze
  • Reference View

What a shame Adobe cannot be up front and honest about the quality of support provided for, what I assume, as a community of users it wants to forget exist.