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Friday, 8 May 2009

Pirate Pussy Cat

clyde the pirate pussy cat
Clyde, our cat, who is something in the region of 17 years old, has had his eye removed yesterday. He had lost sight in it sometime before but recently punctured it & it hadn't healed properly before he caught it on something again so as it was causing him a lot of pain.....

Friday, 1 May 2009

Using Sql Server Management Studio Offline

First post, a tip I desperately needed today.

I have been using my laptop offline and occasionally find myself faced with a "cannot generate sspi context" error message.

Working offline I have found that I was unable to connect to my local instance (SQL Server 2005) using the server name so I was having to connect as localhost and for most local SQL / T-SQL purposes that was fine. However, any attempt to access DTS was met by the aforementioned problem.

The solution turned out to be simple - open SQL Server Configuration Manager (under the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 program group in Configuration Tools) and goto SQL Native Client Configuration then Aliases. Right click on your instance name and goto Properties. I found that the protocol was set to TCP which is not fully functioning without my work network so changing to Named Pipes means the whole communication is internal to the laptop.

Now I can logon to the expected instance name and work with no problems. 5 minute fix.

Click here for a discussion of the SSPI problem on SQL Server Central


I've started this blog as a convenient location to store useful SQL Server scripts that I come across.

I'm currently working with SQL Server 2000, 2005 and a little bit of 2008 (ok a tiny bit) so what I put on here will relate to those and differences that I know about will be specified.

I will credit the authors where the scripts were not home grown and where I have a weblink I'll back link to the source but I am going to keep my own code here because of those differences and the occassional disappearing link which I do not want to bother managing.